Accelerating Success During Hard Times


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Seth Godin defines the “dip” as when times get tough. When times get tough, the immediate reaction is to pull back into shelter. Protect everything you have. Wait until the storm has passed. Waiting, however, comes at a price.

The price to pay for waiting for the storm to pass is whether or not you will be able to survive the storm – or the dip. Some folks do, some do not. Fear sets in. Irrational decision-making is the go to.

You can accelerate the adversity you are facing by employing every idea you have left in the tank. Now is not the time to measure which single idea works best, but rather how aggressive can you be to stay afloat. Price Pritchett, the author of You^2, states: “If you want to accelerate your rate of achievement rapidly, you must search out and vigorously employ new behaviors.”

This means, stepping out of your comfort zone.

Dr. Milan Modi

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