Atlas Upper Cervical Care and Headaches

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atlas upper cervical care and headachesThere's many reasons why you may be having a headache. Having a misalignment in your upper atlas can cause pain and migraines. However, not all headaches are caused by an upper cervical (C0-2) misalignment alone. Headaches could be caused by: dehydration, alcohol, certain toxicities and deficiencies, allergies, and bothersome 2 year olds. In this blog post, we’ll dive into the how atlas upper cervical care and headaches can be one important piece to a much larger puzzle.

The upper cervical spine is a rather complex one. The first three segments in your spine work as one functional unit. The segments or vertebrae do not move independently. Rather, they are one cohesive unit. The upper neck also does not have a disc above nor below it, which leaves the functional unit rather susceptible to misalignment and injury. A bump to the head could trigger a headache by causing a misalignment. Imagine what a car collision could do. But, what exactly happens when the upper neck misaligns?

Cerebrospinal fluid (CSF), blood, and nerves are positioned in such a way to provide maximum flow/energy to the entire body. When the upper neck misaligns, the flow of the trifecta becomes compromised. Studies have showed this through advanced imaging. While some people may feel the negative affects immediately, some do not. Many reasons are behind this, with one being the concept of – adaptability. A more sensitive individual may experience symptomatology faster than others.

If you are sure that you are hydrated and are eating well, it may be that you have an atlas or upper cervical misalignment affecting your function. While physical therapy, traditional chiropractic, acupuncture, and massage are great compliments to specific care – it may be that you need an atlas re-alignment procedure done. It is specific, gentle, and does not require any manual maneuvers.

To conclude, an atlas correction may not always be the complete answer to your puzzle. It may be a single piece. The other pieces may be: functional medicine and massage. Together, using various healthcare alternatives, we can understand headaches much more clearly.


About the Author

Chiropractor Dr. Milan Modi has created his own unique approach to care. His extensive training in upper cervical chiropractic and global techniques have been combined into one method called Neuro Structural Corrective Procedures. Our precise approach aligns your entire spine so that you can regain your function and be healthy again.