Barometric Pressure Dizziness Treatment


Barometric Pressure Dizziness Treatment

If you’ve had severe migraine or headaches, it is clear how debilitating this can feel. Uncertain about the exact time when your next migraine is approaching can make it difficult to plan your schedule or, in some instances, even to live life to the fullest. If you notice that you suffer from headaches following shifts in weather conditions, it’s time to start taking note of the weather. Barometric pressure changes can cause headaches, and barometric pressure dizziness treatment is available for that. Therefore, it is important to keep an eye on any upcoming weather conditions if the barometric pressure is an issue for you. Barometric pressure is the air pressure, or the force exerted on your body by the air. Since the sinuses of our bodies have air in them, any changes in the pressure could result in headaches.

What Is Low Barometric Pressure?

The barometric pressure, also known as atmospheric pressure, is how we gauge the “weight” of the atmosphere. The atmospheric weight can fluctuate between high and low depending on your altitude and temperature. Low barometric pressure dizzy could be spotted in a weather storm. As atmospheric pressure drops, the air rises before condensing into the water, which causes it to fall again to form rain. For more details on the process of barometric pressure as well as how rain and sinus issues affect each other, read our post on the reasons why sufferers often experience a sinus headaches during rainy days.

What Does Low Barometric Pressure Influence the Body?

Can weather changes cause dizziness? Similar to how barometric pressure changes impact your weather conditions, they can impact the body. For instance, our sinuses are an instance. Can pressure change cause dizziness? The body, including the sinuses, is filled with air continuously “pushing out” against the atmospheric pressure (about 15 pounds per square inch), which is pushing down on your body. If the pressure in the atmosphere changes, the pressure inside the sinuses isn’t in balance with the pressure on the exterior of our bodies. This may cause sinus headaches. An issue that is made more severe in the event of sinus congestion, allergies, sinus infection or other sinus issues.

Treatments For Dizziness

The barometric pressure dizziness treatment will differ from person to individual and is contingent on how the headaches have been. Certain individuals can treat symptoms using over-the-counter (OTC) medication. Treatment for dizziness is focused on the root of the problem. Most of the time, treatments at home and medical treatments can help control the root of dizziness. Examples:

  • The inner ear problems can be treated through medications and exercises at home to help maintain balance.
  • BPV is treatable through a series of maneuvers that may aid in easing symptoms. It is an alternative for those with BPV that isn’t controlled by other means.
  • Meniere’s disease is treated by an energizing low-salt diet and periodic injections or surgery.
  • Migraines can be treated with medication as well as lifestyle changes, including being aware of and avoiding migraine triggers.
  • The use of medication and techniques to reduce anxiety can be helpful for anxiety disorders.
  • Drinking plenty of fluids may help if dizziness is due to excessive exercise heat, dehydration, or heat.

A variety of other conditions can be treated using medication and surgery, diet changes and lifestyle adjustments or a mixture. Physical therapists specialize in vestibular rehab, which is an approach to treating balance disorders that gradually trains your brain’s ability to make up for the loss in sensorimotor inputs from the balance system.


You cannot manage the weather. Suppose you are conscious of your headache patterns and work in conjunction with your physician and doctor. In that case, you could be able to effectively manage your headaches and lessen the impact they have on your daily life. To learn more, visit our website by clicking on: Upper Cervical Specific care is advance form of Chiropractic care that helps individuals with complex health conditions as well as wellness. Learn more by clicking here! You can schedule your personal consultation with Chiropractor Marietta, Dr. Milan Modi. See what others are saying about our practice by reading and clicking on Google Reviews!


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