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Fibromyalgia Chiropractor

Fibromyaglia Chiropractor What Is Fibromyaglia? Fibromyalgia is a complex health issue that affects men and women - although ...
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cervical decompression

Cervical Decompression

Cervical Decompression Cervical decompression has been around for many decades and is often used in Physical Therapy and/or ...
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The Need For A Sports Chiropractor

Sports Chiropractor In today's blog post, we will be going over why every team needs a Sports Chiropractor. ...
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The Importance of Advanced Imaging in Chiropractic

When you look at the vast majority of Chiropractors practicing, you will see that some offices take x-rays ...
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The Idea Behind Retracing (Healing)

When you visit an Upper Cervical specific spine specialist, you may come across the idea of "retracing." Your ...
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upper cross syndrome

Rounded Shoulders or Tight Traps-Which One Is It?

Almost everyone has tight shoulders (actually the trapezius muscle group) due to physical and emotional stress. Our natural ...
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