Can Cavities Cause Headaches?


Can Cavities Cause Headaches?

It’s not uncommon for people without dental insurance to delay dental appointments in to hope that they will not have any future issues to face. However, you can only avoid going to the dentist for a certain amount of time, and even though the price is typically one of the significant deterrents but the expense can be astronomical in the event of a dental issue that occurs later. Can cavities cause headaches? Many don’t know that a cavity with a problem can lead to additional issues and can become a significant issue if it is not treated with frequent headaches. 

Many people ask most dentists this question: can a rotten tooth cause headaches? If a tooth is damaged, nerve endings can cause pain in the tooth to radiate to other parts of the skull. If a cavity develops into a more severe infection and is not treated, the infection could be spread to other areas of the body via the bloodstream. This is when your dentist and your primary care physician may require involvement during treatment.

Two Main Causes Why Cavities Cause Headaches

According to a variety of famous dentists, the leading causes of headaches in the dental field are:


TMJD (Temporomandibular Joint Disorder) results from issues with the jaw’s mechanism and surrounding muscles, as well as an injury or damage to the joint. If muscles are squeezed or don’t function correctly, they could create pain shooting. A variety of actions can trigger TMJD, such as sports injuries, whiplash, a slur, or even opening your mouth too far. One of TMJD signs is the constant clicking and popping of your jaw. This is why cavities cause headaches.

2. Bruxism

Bruxism or grinding of the teeth is a habit that is seen when babies are born and is a significant reason for frequent headaches. Grinding teeth puts jaws and muscles surrounding it to an intense workout, with no rest. In certain instances, teeth grinding may occur without warning for hours and hours. If someone awakes with a headache that goes away in a short time, they could grind their teeth.

Can Cavities Cause Headaches Indirectly?

You might be thinking of another way headaches can occur due to toothache. It’s possible that your tooth isn’t hurting frequently, but each time it starts to hurt, you are faced with the need for relief from headaches. In these cases, it could be due to tension and stress. Do you react to unfavorable circumstances by tensing up? Does tooth decay cause headaches? Worrying? Do you tend to clench your jaw whenever you’re anxious? Being anxious can lead to muscle tension, leading to a headache. Visit us for a consultation to examine the health of your mouth and provide the necessary treatment to have a healthy mouth and an unrestrained head.

Final Thoughts

Can cavities give you headaches? You should be aware that the headache you are experiencing could result from a more significant issue, such as dental cavities. While it’s not difficult to treat headaches caused by dental, Patients should not treat the issue lightly. When a tooth has been damaged, the tooth’s nerve endings are exposed and may cause irritation or even infection. If it is not treated correctly, the infection that results from the bruising may spread to other areas within the human body. In addition, should the infection grow far enough, your dentist will need to change the teeth with a new one.

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