Can Wisdom Teeth Cause Migraines?


Can Wisdom Teeth Cause Migraines?

Wisdom teeth are a bit tricky. They can cause numerous problems and even necessitate surgery to get out the problem. In other instances, they simply remain there, growing inside your mouth, without causing any discomfort or pain. However, if they get agitated, you’ll be feeling it. Sometimes wisdom teeth cause migraines that can be an awful experience to endure. But, when you’ve figured out the root of the problem, you are able to talk with your dentist about resolving the issue.

What Are The Changes That Wisdom Teeth Make To Your Mouth?

When your wisdom teeth gradually emerge out of your gums, your gums naturally form the appearance of a small pouch in which your tooth needs to press through. Instead of gnashing on this pouch, many people adjust their bites or alter their jaw position. This is not a great option. Can molars coming in cause headaches? A change in your bite can cause lasting effects and cause a “bad bite.” A bad bite leads to your jaw muscles being employed incorrectly, and this is the reason why headaches may begin to develop. The jaw can begin to contract if placed in the wrong position for too long. This tension is the reason wisdom teeth cause migraines.

When Can We Assume Wisdom Teeth Cause Migraines?

The most apparent pathology that needs to be eliminated when a migraine is present includes the retained tooth in the third molar. It is essential to examine the changes that occur within the dental cavity. A slight hiccup can cause changes within the nervous system as well as the nerve cells in the brain. They are stimulated through electrical stimulation, and the activity is then spread throughout the brain; it is a temporary change in the functions of the nervous system. This answers one of the frequently asked questions can wisdom teeth pain make your head hurt.

Tooth Migraine Treatment

Wisdom/retained wisdom teeth cause migraines, or dental problems are often surgically taken out (extracted). In general, the removal of an offender’s tooth is needed to treat the following reasons:

  • Headaches, migraines or headaches, infections, bruxism, or other masticatory system disorders may cause this condition. But, people who experience these symptoms do not connect them to oral issues.
  • Will wisdom teeth cause migraines? The disease or infection of gums (periodontitis) usually occurs when the tooth hasn’t fully developed, which causes bacteria to get into the second molar and leads to gum infection and inducing pain and inflammation.
  • Caries of the wisdom teeth was removed partially. This lesion is of rapid development because it’s more challenging to get an adequate amount of cleaning.
  • Tumors or cysts are the most common result of an infection in the roots (radicular cyst) or the teeth growth sac (follicular cyst). They are often found around wisdom teeth that have not yet fully erupted.
  • The constant pressure is caused because the third molars don’t have enough room for their eruption within the mouth, causing other teeth to slide or move, which can cause extreme pain and alteration in the chewing process.

The wisdom molars are an early indicator for issues of various dental diseases.

Final Thoughts

Consult your physician as well as your dentist about the question of can a wisdom tooth cause a headache and ask whether they might be connected, mainly if your migraine medication isn’t performing all that well. A thorough examination of your teeth could find issues in the wisdom teeth, which have thus yet not been investigated. The results could be beneficial to the patient or not; however, should the cause of migraine is related to dental issues, treatment of teeth issues could help to reduce or stop headaches.

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