Cervical Decompression In Marietta East Cobb GA


Cervical Decompression In Marietta East Cobb GA

Cervical decompression is an excellent way to reduce symptoms relating localized and radiating pain in the neck, arms, and/or shoulders. In some events, pain may also refer into one or both shoulder blades. While many cervical decompression devices exist in the market, it is crucially important to be evaluated by your trusted Chiropractor, Physical Therapist, Osteopath, or Medical Doctor. Schedule your personalized consultation with our best Chiropractor in Marietta, Dr. Milan Modi!

Reducing Pain Through Cervical Decompression

Pain is a horrible symptom that stems from a health issue much larger. Cervical decompression may benefit people suffering from neck and shoulder pain due to facet joint issues, disc degeneration, or some form of stenosis (narrowing of the canals). To effectively increase the space between the spinal segments and/or the facet joints, systematic and gradual cervical decompression is often a quick way to get relief. Pressure on the nerves that go into our shoulders and arms often times get immediate relief.


Optimizing Your Performance Through Cervical Decompression

Cervical decompression is most effective when it is monitored and controlled by your trusted Chiropractor or Physical Therapist. At our Marietta East Cobb office, we will slowly introduce you to cervical decompression and begin care. Soreness may be normal in the beginning as the spine and muscles begin to stretch. An increase in pain is never normal. We often like to say - we rather see you not get any relief than see you get worse.

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How East Cobb Upper Cervical Spine Clinics Helps?

Our goal at East Cobb Upper Cervical Spine Clinics is to specifically align your head and neck spine and monitor its holding position over the prescribed time frame. When the head and neck are aligned, the nervous system is communicating with the body effectively and optimally. A close second goal is to be on the look out for any non-structural issues. At this time, we may work with our Preferred Partners to help you heal. As a specific Upper Cervical & Full Spine Chiropractic office, we have seen a head and neck misalignments being a huge reason for having a variety of breathing issues.

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