Chiropractor Marietta: New Years Resolution Planning

In about 31 days, the New Year will upon us. With 2020 being the most interesting year, millions of us are awaiting on what the new year will bring. For most of us, peace, prosperity, and joy will be enough. However, for some folks – losing weight gained during quarantine/lockdown will be a primary goal.

“If you fail to plan, then plan to fail.”

This is a quote that has been said many times for the decades. Whether it is meal prepping or creating a workout routine, planning is essential. This upcoming year will be particularly challenging due to most of 2020 being indoors. Bringing back the motivation or drive that you once had will be most difficult.

Start by taking a big breath in. No, we are not about to meditate or reflect on life. Know that, 2020 was rough on everyone. Majority of people’s mental and physical health took dive, therefore, getting back into it will be a slow and gradual process. Make a plan to start working out, either at home or at your local gym if it is open, once or twice per week. Forget about your bodybuilding or weight loss goals for a sec. We were all locked down at home for many months. Our bodies need a brief period to ramp back.

Once you are consistent with going once or twice per week, gage how you feel. Are you feeling excited again? How is your body feeling? If all systems are a go, as well as, your mental health, then try to add in one or two more days. Working out 3-4 time per week is more than adequate for the average person.

How To Diet Effectively Again

Ah, dieting. You were doing so good at meal prepping, eating clean, and eating on time all before C-19 came along. Then, in a blink of an eye, everything bust.

Similar to creating a plan for working out, think about how good you felt when you were eating right. Recall how seamlessly you meal prepped and how energized you felt throughout the day. Surely, you want that again.

Start by brainstorming meals – or go back to the meals you were having before. Create simple meals. Create a daily schedule of when to eat what, including any snacks. Before you go to the grocery store, make a list of what all you need.

Before You Go…

I can’t say this enough. As your friends and family begin posting about their New Year’s resolution and 2021 plans, remember not to compare yourself to them. Everyone was taxed differently this year because of C-19. Everyone will have a different path to success again. Take it slowly. One day at a time. Before you know it, “2020” will have never existed at all.

Dr. Milan Modi

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