Chiropractor Marietta Offers A Detailed Guide On Low Back Pain


A Detailed Guide about Back Pain

Back pain refers to any form of discomfort or pain that occurs in the posterior part of your trunk, extending from the pelvis to the neck. The back pain you experience may appear for a short time or be chronic, meaning discomfort that lasts longer than three months. The pain in your back could be unpleasant, dull, or intense. Acute back pain usually goes away by simple self-care exercises to follow within a few weeks; however, it may remain and cause severe issues over time. Also, if you are looking for best Chiropractor Marietta, we recommend you to visit

The back is comprised of the spinal column as well as the spinal cord, discs, nerves, muscles ligaments, tendons, and ligaments. The structures of the back can be irritated or inflamed as a result of various moderate to severe ailments. The causes of back pain are bad posture, sports injuries as well as arthritis, muscle strain, and trauma caused by a car crash. The cause and origin of back pain that is chronic is more difficult to determine and treat. Back pain could be restricted to a particular area like low back discomfort or a generalized area in the back. Additionally, pain that is localized anywhere in the back could cause pain or radiate across your body. It is the same for back pain, and pain in other parts of your body could radiate into your back.

Back pain accompanied by other signs, like loss of control over bowel or bladder and numbness of areas of your legs or legs or in your extremities, is a serious condition that should be assessed as soon as possible and in an urgent medical situation. Also, if the pain is persistent, severe, or causes you to be concerned, seek out a medical professional.

Causes According to Chiropractor Marietta

  • Arthritis of the Spine

The condition of arthritis of the spine gradual degeneration of the joints in the spine is the most common reason behind lower back pain. We all experience wear and tear with age, and it’s common for the lower back to get more agitated as you age. As cartilage begins to break down between the joints of your spine, the surrounding tissues could be damaged. The swelling and the loss of cartilage can cause friction to the joints, which can cause discomfort in the lower back.

  • Back Injuries

A fall that is not properly controlled or an accident in the car can result in lower back injuries. Back injuries can be abrupt and painful, while certain injuries develop gradually with time. It is possible to believe that athletes and active people are the ones who suffer most because of their activity. “But this is not always the case.” It’s equally possible to strain your back when reaching over to take socks from beneath the mattress. It’s everyday activities such as holding your child that can result in back injuries if done incorrectly, according to Chiropractor East Cobb.

  • Herniated Discs

A herniated, also known as a bulging disc, is one with a bulge that’s “spilled out” of its liner. This is usually seen on the lower part of the back. The disc that is injured may not necessarily cause pain. Even if it’s painless, its contents can cause irritation or pressure to nearby nerves, which can cause discomfort within the back of your lower and other places.

  • Symptoms

The primary indication of backaches is pain or ache in the back, sometimes even all the way to the buttocks or legs. Certain back problems can trigger discomfort in different parts of the body based on the nerves that are affected. The pain is usually gone without treatment; however, should it occur with anyone of the following, they must see their physician: according to Upper Cervical Chiropractor Marietta.

  • Weight Loss
  • Febrile
  • Swelling
  • Leg Pain
  • Urinary Incontinence
  • Anus Numbness
  • Buttocks Numbness


A physician will typically be capable of diagnosing back pain following an inquiry into symptoms and conducting an exam. The X-rays can reveal alignment of bones and reveal the signs of arthritis and fractured bones; however, they cannot reveal any injuries to the spine, muscles disks, or nerves.

Bone scans are a way to detect bone tumors and compression fractures. A tracer or radioactive substance is introduced into the vein. The tracer accumulates in bones and can help the doctor to detect bone disorders by using a camera. Electromyography or EMG analyzes electrical impulses generated by nerves to respond to muscles. It can be used to confirm nerve compression, which can result from a herniated disc and spinal stenosis.


  • Orthopedic Surgeons

Orthopedic surgeons offer medical care for muscles, joints, or bones. They are experts in treating back pain, as well as 56% of those who suffer from back pain have visited an orthopedic specialist. If your physician suggests you see an orthopedic doctor, that doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll need surgery. The only time you should consider surgery is if the surgeon can pinpoint an issue that can be fixed. Back specialists also employ rehabilitation as well as exercise and medication. They aim to prevent the recurrence of injuries and slow the progress of diseases like arthritis and degenerative disc diseases.

  • Physical Therapists

About 50% of people suffering from back pain have been to a physiotherapist. Physical medicine, which includes therapeutic exercise, has been among the most important components in treating back pain. Physical therapy is a great way to help patients find relief from pain enough for them to be able to return to their normal activities. Strengthening and stretching exercises can relieve pain by building muscles and strengthening flexibility. Physical therapy is usually the most effective method to prevent back pain-related disability.

  • Massage Therapists

Twenty-four percent of people suffering from back discomfort have experienced massage therapy. Studies suggest that massage therapy could aid some patients in achieving less discomfort and better functioning quicker than regular medical treatment by itself. There could be myriad causes for this that include local impacts on the back and connections between the body and mind. The experts recommend massage therapy as an adjunct therapy to conventional medical treatment.

  • Chiropractic Care

With majority of the population moving towards alternative healthcare, Chiropractic care is no exception. There are various specialties within Chiropractic and majority of them will benefit you. While the public mostly believes, Chiropractors only deal with neck and low back pain, the truth is – they are “nervous system doctors.” They understand how the brain and body communicate and how interference can cause aches, pains, and other illnesses.

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