The Difference Between Ferrari and Ford


If you’re here because you think we’ll be discussing car performance metrics or why you should buy one or the other, you’re at the wrong post. Sorry about that. Instead, we’ll be talking about how you should brand or position yourself in a hyper-competitive world. My name is Dr. Milan Modi and I’m an Upper Cervical Chiropractor in Marietta, GA at East Cobb Upper Cervical Spine Clinics — a place where you get long term results and high quality, comprehensive care. Welcome to my blog.

We’ll begin with Ferrari. See, Ferrari is a luxury sports performance car brand that sells carefully crafted pieces of art to consumers who know what they want. There isn’t a traditional negotiation that happens. There also isn’t a salesman or -woman explaining its features. They’re hyper focused on you and the benefits it will bring. A Ferrari is a symbol of class, elegance, and dare I say, a need for speed. It’s similar to brands like Apple who will never sell you on price. They win you over by 1) creating masterful pieces of technology, 2) the image you will hold in society, and 3) the way it’ll make you feel.

(Side note: Ferrari recently created the Roma — a vehicle designed for every day tasks, but still by no means affordable for the common person).

Next, we have the Ford brand. I’m not hating on Ford. I actually do like some of their vehicles such as the Ford Raptor and Bronco. However, there’s a day and night difference in both companies. Ford’s consumers are not Ferrari’s and vice versa. Ford primarily focuses on features because they know their audience. Ford sales people may be extra pushy in selling you their car by 1) offering discounts, 2) comparing their cars with Toyota’s or of the like, and 3) over explaining features.

When it comes to your business, the question is — do you want to be Ford or Ferrari? Even better, do you want to be Ferrari who offers the Roma? Personally, I choose the latter option.

In my office, I rarely feel the need to over explain why I am the one for them. They found me because of my work, my reviews, and my confidence. I explain to my patients their test results, their imaging results, their treatment plan, and the cost. Period. At that point, either my patients will either say yes or no to beginning care. It’s not rocket science.

In conclusion, stay away from the gimmicks and just do exceptional work. Show your clients or patients that YOU are Ferrari.


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