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We’ve entered the last week of January. Normally, at this time, people have begun to get distant with their New Year’s resolution. Whether it was to lose/gain weight, stretch more, or do some form of self-care, the motivation to continue on has decreased. Read more below as to how our Marietta Chiropractor, Dr. Milan Modi, continues to achieve his goals!

When the new year began, my main goals were to stretch and exercise 3-4x per week. In particular, I wanted to weight train and become more in shape. First, I created a plan. This plan was about what exercises I would specifically do, the reps and sets, and the weight/load. The idea was to try for 3 months and monitor the results I achieved. However, life had a way of getting in and, I too, began to slip from my resolution.

The first step in mastering your new years resolution is to re-visit the resolution itself. Why did you pick this specific resolution? How did it make you feel? What was your end goal? Getting into the right mindset or headspace is key to achieving your goals. I knew from prior experience that weight training made me feel good about myself. Not only does it bring excellent health benefits, but it also made me feel better about my appearance. I recalled on that feeling and decided it was time to get back to it.

Similarly, I want you to recall on how your goal makes you feel. Once you have processed that feeling, go back to your “life’s schedule” and see whether it is still sustainable. Does your fitness regimen fit with your work/life? If it does, fantastic. If there has been a change, it’s time to make your resolution adapt to the change.

Whatever you do, do not give up on your resolution.

I hope this post is what you may have needed. I hope that you too will go back to accomplishing your goals.

Dr. Modi


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