Does Scoliosis Affect Pregnancy?


Does Scoliosis Affect Pregnancy?

Each pregnant woman is likely to experience significant bodily changes; however, when you have scoliosis or any other issues with your spine, you may have concerns that are more than just skin deep. You may even be concerned that your scoliosis affect pregnancy. Here’s what you should be aware of.

What Are The Effects Of Scoliosis On The Pregnancy Process?

The majority of moms with scoliosis be able to find that their condition isn’t affecting their pregnancy in any way. However, women who have severe spine curves or those with scoliosis affecting the pelvis, hips, or shoulders could suffer more discomfort and pain or breathing problems. They may also experience issues with weight-bearing — particularly during the latter part of pregnancy.

As your body’s center of mass shifts, you’ll be naturally leaning forward to help support the weight of your expanding belly. If you notice back pain gets worse when you’re pregnant, avoid your feet for as long as possible. Take warm baths and ask your partner to offer you a couple of back rubs. The use of belly support could provide some relief.

A physiotherapist could be able to assist by recommending specific exercises for any scoliosis-related pain you may experience. It is possible to ask your physician to refer you to an obstetric physiotherapist or seek alternative medicine approaches that may help scoliosis affect pregnancy.

Is Scoliosis Bad For Pregnancy?

Research has shown that the spine curve caused by scoliosis may not affect just one or two births. The study also states that women who have had previous surgery for scoliosis might be more likely to develop curvature pregnancy than women who are never expecting. However, the study declared that there needs to be further research to verify these points. In any event, women who are in the third trimester need to be aware of their back because ligaments are more relaxed because of the changes in hormones that are produced by pregnancy.

Can You Get Scoliosis After Birth?

Genetics may increase your chances of developing it. This is because it can be passed down within families. Scoliosis can result from spinal bones not properly forming in the womb. This is known as congenital scoliosis and can be present since birth.

Can A Woman With Scoliosis Get Pregnant?

If a loved one is diagnosed with a progressive illness like scoliosis or other spinal disorders, the first questions are about what life with this condition is like. People are concerned about how it will affect their lives and if they’ll be able to continue doing the things they enjoy.

Caregivers often inquire about how it could impact what happens to their beloved children. They would like to know how severe the condition will become and what physical activities may need to be canceled as well as how much time is dedicated to the treatment. For women, there is a natural curiosity about the possibility of having a baby.

In the case of getting pregnant, there isn’t any evidence to suggest that scoliosis causes problems with fertility, and it doesn’t impact fertility in any manner. Although the most severe cases of scoliosis may result in headaches, lung impairment and back pain and legs, and digestion problems, issues with having a baby are not among the possible complications associated with scoliosis.

Final Thoughts

If a woman is pregnant, there are risks that scoliosis affect pregnancy. Each pregnancy is different from the babies carrying back pain to nausea or weight gain. For women suffering from scoliosis, anxieties about pregnancy and labor may cause an increase in stress and worry. For severe cases of scoliosis, there is a higher chance of suffering an increase in back discomfort, possible stalls in labor, or greater breathing issues. Furthermore, in the case of pain management during labor, epidurals should be administered with extra care.

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