How Do Chiropractic Adjustments Work


How Do Chiropractic Adjustments Work

Ask anyone and their definition of Chiropractic care will be drastically different. Some people will refer to it as “cracking” or “popping” that brings instant relief. Other Chiropractic patients will refer to it as comprehensive care that helps them get relief from their symptoms and provides a state of wellness afterwards. Below are some examples of how Chiropractic adjustments work.

Restoring Structural Balance

Balance is a neurological function that is executed by the brainstem. When there is interference to the nervous system by a subluxation or misalignment, this causes interrupted signals going from the brain to the body and back – completing a loop. Some people usually feel when they are off-center, however, there are groups of people who do not know. This imbalance can cause more wear and tear on one side of the body in the long term. Prolonged imbalance then can lead to the process of osteoarthritis. While osteoarthritis is looked at as “normal,” it is actually the process of extra bone formation in areas of added mechanical stress. This happens via a principle called, Wolf’s Law. Specific Chiropractic adjustments work by re-aligning the spine in a more optimal position.

Sense of Well-Being

Without a doubt, any Chiropractic patient will tell you that Chiropractic adjustments work. After going through their initial phase of care, they will often transition to wellness care. This phase of care is lesser in frequency as visits are once a month or even less. Visits are to make sure the patient is doing well, asymptomatic, and are able to accomplish their short and long term goals. From biochemical point of view, it has been proven by research that adjustment stimulate dopamine and serotonin in the brain – chemicals that induce feeling good. However, the benefits extend far beyond just feeling good. It helps you achieve an optimal state of health and wellness.

Symptom Relief

Patients come to our office for a variety of reasons. They may include: neck pain, migraine, headaches, back pain, and other mysterious diagnoses. It is important to remember that your Chiropractor will not treat the exact symptom. While this sounds counterintuitive, the main goal of the Chiropractor is align your spine so that your body is functioning in an optimal state of health. Within our spine are the component of our Central Nervous System – our regulating body. It keeps us alive and well. When there is a misalignment or subluxation at any area in the spine, the nervous system is now compromised and patients begin compensating. Symptoms may vary drastically.

Finding An Excellent Chiropractor…

Finding a Chiropractor near you that uses the best techniques and achieves high-quality results can sometimes be difficult. After all, there are many Chiropractors practicing a wide variety of techniques – some that you may not be aware of. At our office, we practice a comprehensive technique that falls into the Upper Cervical category. It is a technique called, Orthospinology Procedures and as the name implies, it is a procedure. It is a process that we check in great detail. Many people have received tremendous relief from this technique and have left us amazing 5-star reviews.

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