How To Emerge In The New Normal


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As a Chiropractor in Marietta, Georgia, I have heard it time and time again – “a new normal.” In the beginning, I wondered what this would mean. Are we going to be wearing masks all the time now? Will we be spacing ourselves six feet apart and saying “Excuse me” from two miles away? I wasn’t sure. Now, after many conversations, I’m seeing that a “new normal” refers to communication and interaction within the marketplace.

The first step to emerging in the new normal is: going slow. Regardless of your project(s), the world is in a delicate spot right now. Slowly introduce your big plans to your community. Don’t come out guns-firing, but treat it like you’re teaching a baby how to walk. Instead of going right back to how you acted pre-COVID, now is the time to be cognizant of all your actions in the public sphere. Go slow. The second step is: get outside, safely. There have been a spike in COVID cases in certain cities and I definitely advise people to take precaution when going out. However, being indoors majority of the time, for months on, takes a toll on our mind, body, and spirit. Wear your mask, wash your hands, and go get some fresh air. Begin by taking a walk around your neighborhood.

The next step is: engage in stress-reducing activities. Stress-reducing activities vary person to person, but one thing we can all agree on is Chiropractic Upper Cervical corrections. Upper Cervical corrections are specific, gentle, and optimizes the Central Nervous System (CNS). Neurologically, our upper neck and tailbone region are responsible for parasympathetic activity. This is also known as “rest and digest.” Healing is truly optimized during periods of high parasympathetic activity.

To conclude, remember that emerging in the new normal will be a process. It’s a step by step plan to re-establish relationships and once again, be social.

Dr. Milan Modi

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