How To Fix Bad Posture?


How To Fix Bad Posture?

Posture is how your body holds itself in space whether you are sitting, standing, walking, running, or even sleeping. The most common posture people tend to have is, rounded shoulders with their head falling off their shoulders. Is this healthy? Absolutely not. However, it is has been a progressing trend – especially with our Generation Z’ers. My name is Dr. Milan Modi and I am an Upper Cervical & Structural Rehab. specialist (Chiropractor) practicing in the East Cobb neighborhood of Marietta, Georgia.

“Text-Neck” or “Tech-Neck” is sadly a real diagnosis. More now than ever, you will see kids, teenagers, young adults, and adults with their head completely facing down, into their book, cell phone, or iPad. Regardless of what they are doing, being in that position is harmful to the soft and hard tissue structures of the body (the spine and its components).

Why Is Poor Posture So Bad?

First, being in a head-down position for extended periods of time, every day, places physical stress/tension on the spinal cord. Think of your spinal cord (you know, the extension of the brain that goes down your back) as a rubber band. When you pull on a rubber band, you have created tension. When you release, there is no tension. Similarly, when you bend your head forward, you pull on the spinal cord and place abnormal amounts of tension on it. This is only the beginning. Keep on reading.

Second, science has shown us that 10+ minutes of being suspended in any position begins to deform the ligaments that literally hold our bones together. A tear or laxity in any ligament automatically makes the joint unstable/compromised. When you are in an abnormal position, you begin to deform the ligaments as such – abnormally. This is when you begin to see people hunched over or the heads hanging off their shoulders. To them, it feels normal. In reality, it’s not. This is also when you start seeing people with loss of neck curve or even reverse curves.

All in all, this leads to pain and dysfunction. Your form predicts your function.

Simple exercise: Try taking a deep breath in with your chin to your chest. Now, try it again sitting/standing upright. Did you notice a difference? What does this mean? Your internal framework of your body determines your breathing ability, and we all know oxygen is important for life.

How To Fix Bad Posture?

Besides correcting old, bad habits, we can start by sitting/standing/reading/texting in a more ideal position. Bring whatever is in your hands more to eye level. Arms getting tired? Take a break. Prop your computer or laptop on a few books so that your eyes and head are more level. Your eyes should be look straight out in front of you – not down. Naturally, your head will follow wherever your eyes go. Little changes like this will begin to undo poor postural patterns.

Final thoughts…

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