How To Optimize Your Body


How To Optimize Your Body

At every grocery or supplement(s) store you’ll find aisles of specific supplements you can take to boost your health. There is, however, one “supplement” these stores do not offer — and it happens to be free. Read more on How To Optimize Your Body below!


As the seasons are turning, the days are beginning to slowly get longer. This also means, the sun will be out longer. I understand we are still in a pandemic, but it might be in your benefit to get outside and absorb some natural sunlight. Whether it’s sun-bathing, walking, or running, letting your skin absorb natural sunlight is the best way to raise your D3 hormone levels. Additionally, it’ll make your brain feel good. Here are 3 benefits of direct sunlight:

Improve Your Sleep Quality

Contrary to using sunlight to wake up, absorbing sufficient amounts of sunlight actually promotes good sleep at day’s end. This is because our bodies have a biological clock — the circadian rhythm. This mechanism controls our sleep/wake cycles and provides the right harmony for all biological and physiological processes. Melatonin is a hormone that is produced when we are sleeping. While supplemental melatonin is also available, it’s better when your body naturally produces it. Because sunlight decreases melatonin levels throughout the day, your melatonin levels will rise at night — promoting better sleep.

Optimize Your Immune System

Aside from getting better quality sleep, sunlight promotes vitamin D3 levels within the body. Vitamin D3 is actually a hormone that gets produced. This supports a healthy functioning nervous and immune system. During the cold and wet seasons, it’s ideal to support your body with sunlight and/or supplemental vitamin D3.

Fighting Non-Clinically Diagnosed Depression

Lastly, you’ll notice that people who live in sunnier, warmer climates are not depressed as much as people who live in darker, colder climates. This is because sunlight promotes seratonin levels within the body. Seratonin is a hormone that makes you feel good. It allows you to feel happy. It’s known that people who live in areas of less sunlight suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder — SAD.

Final thoughts on How To Optimize Your Body

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