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What a start to 2020!

With 2020 being a little over three months in, people, worldwide, are facing an unprecedented pandemic – Coronavirus. Every news outlet is talking about it, some partially accurate, some completely oblivious. With Coronavirus taking over everyone’s mental state and creating a new level of social distancing and panic, we can only wait and watch to see what happens moving forward. Until then, our goal should be focused on how to optimize our Immune System (IS).

Before moving forward, it’s important to understand the Immune System (IS). The IS is an entire system – not a single entity – that requires balance and harmony within the body. One cannot supplement with mega-doses of Vitamin C while simultaneously eating a trash diet, irregular sleeping, and no level of exercise. Even then, the research to back up exercise and diet is crucial for good health, is weak. So what is the IS? The IS, according to Harvard Health, is our line of defense. We have internal mechanisms that produce germ-fighting cells to keep us healthy from almost anything infectious (bacteria, viruses, fungi, and parasites). Our IS works 24/7, yet there is lots that we still do not know about it. Once in a while, such as now, a mutated virus enters the body, making it difficult to fight off. As I mentioned above, the IS is a system and it needs a whole body approach for best results.

Here are few things you can do to optimize your Immune System:

– Avoid smoking (nicotine, recreational marijuana, etc).
– Cough/sneeze into your armpit.
– Exercise regularly.
– Keep a healthy weight.
– Drink alcohol in moderation.
– Get enough sleep (this may vary person to person).
– Wash your hands frequently, but do not overload on hand sanitizer as this may kill off the good bacteria keeping you safe.
– Minimize the bad stress.
A major topic I would like to touch base on is: panic. During times like these, it’s easy to panic. Thoughts such as: what should I do, should I avoid my family and friends, or should consume a bag of oranges consumes our minds. These thoughts often times cause us to make irrational decisions, furthering our stress levels.

There have been many tragic events throughout history. Similar to past events, as a collective, the citizens of the world will overcome this setback as well. Businesses will re-prosper and we will once again become the social beings that we biologically are.

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Dr. Milan Modi

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