How To Prevent The 5 AM Burn Out


We’ve been taught by magazines, articles, YouTube videos, and blogs about the possible benefits of waking up at 5 am. After all, we were told all the leaders and entrepreneurs do it. They wake up, meditate, pray, work-out, and maybe even do a little journaling before heading to work. While this sounds like the lifestyle for the perfect man or woman – it should be noted that, sometimes, it just doesn’t fit reality.

Preventing the “5 am burn out” is not geared towards waking up exactly at 5 am nor does it promote sleeping in and running out the door for work – late. It does, however, promote happiness and becoming in touch with reality. See, I don’t believe that there are “morning” and “night” people (I recently found out there is a third category called “day people. What?). There are people who simply prioritize what is and isn’t important according to their lifestyle. This conscious organization of priorities pre-sets your brain the night before. Personally, I’ve noticed that completing my to-do lists each day and getting 6-8 hours of sleep achieves a higher ROI than going to the gym first thing in the morning. In this case, ROI = happiness/fulfillment.

Accepting and realizing that there are people who do not wake up super early are just as efficient as people who might – will most likely promote happiness in your life.

Why is this? Depending on what your personality is like, I’ve noticed for myself that when I miss a target (i.e. failing to wake up at 5 am), I begin blaming myself. Why didn’t I wake up? Am I being lazy? Blaming myself usually leads to a level of unhappiness and insensible self-interrogation. When this happens on multiple mornings, it begins to take a toll on mental health.

What can you do? First, know who you are. There are lots of books on this and no, I do not recommend buying them because those books may have worked for the author. They probably won’t work for you. I do recommend observing your own personality and characteristics. Maybe even ask your best friend who isn’t scared to let you know the truth. What is your happiness level? Are you naturally a chirpy person in the morning? Or, does it take you a minute to warm up? Upon realizing who you are and accepting that, structure your schedule. Write it down. Lastly, test and re-test to see if it works.

In health and happiness,

Dr. Modi

Dr. Milan Modi

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