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Not too long ago, “text-neck” became an official diagnosis. For those that don’t know, text-neck is a presentation of the neck spine when it has shifted forward relative to the rest of the body. How does this happen? It usually takes a while, months, maybe years, to get to that point. Repetitive stress, poor posture, or injury could cause it. However, in some instances, like a car accident, whiplash injury can cause abnormal mechanics of the neck spine as well – leaving you in pain.

In this blog post, I want to focus on the double whammy of the Coronavirus children are having to face. While the country is shut down, the education sector has moved to being completely virtual. Platforms such as GoTo Meeting and Zoom are used to conduct classes.

A child’s normal school routine usually consists of attending classes somewhere between the times of 8 AM and 3 PM. During that time frame, they get up, move around, go to recess, and engage in other activities that allow their bodies to move. This is a good thing and always will be.

In the era of the Coronavirus, with children being forced to attend classes online, this causes them to sit for prolong periods of time – possibly in poor posture. They will slump, and with that, their heads will move forward. Having children sit in perfect posture is near impossible. Children are fidgety by nature. They need to move. After all, it is what they do. With the reopening of schools no where in sight, the question remains – what can you do for your child?

To begin with, try to have your child move around in between every learning session. If it is possible to pause the class for 5 minutes, do so and have them get up. Have them stretch and walk around before sitting back down. Additionally, observe how your child sits. If they need a pillow, provide one for them to sit on.

If your child begins to experience neck or upper back pain, know that this could be directly related to less movement. They are not used to it. During this time, healthcare workers, especially Structural Chiropractors, are available to you. If you believe there is a bigger problem at stake, bring them in for a consultation.

Dr. Milan Modi

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