Knees Weak, Palms Are Sweaty: How To Get Marathon Ready


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In the lyrics of the great poetic mastermind, Marshall Mathers, “Knee’s weak, palms are sweaty…,” we only found it accurate to relate his words with preparing for a marathon. With the U.S. Olympic Trials in Atlanta, Georgia taking place last weekend, we got a chance to see some of the most talented and hard-working individuals break personal-best records and even land themselves on a flight to Tokyo. While most of us see the end result, there is lots of mental and physical preparation happening well ahead. This includes getting a structural check-up.

Besides using coaches and medical personnel to help train for a 26-mile adventure, it is also important to analyze the spine, hips, and feet for any structural abnormalities. These abnormalities are often the Primary Condition hindering racing potential. They also cause many Secondary Conditions aka symptoms. If the world’s best marathon runner, Eliud Kipchoge, recently broke the 2-hour barrier, could he have done it even better with Structural Chiropractic care? Whether Kipchoge is under specific chiropractic care or not, we certainly know that it will only play towards his advantage.

So, what is Structural Chiropractic?

In short, a Structural Chiropractor will look for structural abnormalities – things that are abnormal. Similar to how there is normal blood pressure, normal tire pressure, or normal weight relative to height – there is also normal spinal structure. Once these abnormalities are found, it is the job of a Structural Chiropractor to gently yet effectively address the problem and provide a long-lasting solution.

Our biggest advice for getting marathon-ready is: getting a full structural chiropractic examination done that includes the hips, knees, and feet. Because running takes a heavy toll on the lower part of our body, it is important to make sure we are structurally aligned and balanced. Ensuring our foundation is solid will only yield high returns – even if it is shaving a minute off your best marathon record.

In our next article, we will address the proper way to get fitted for foot orthotics and buying a new pair of shoes.

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Dr. Milan Modi

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