Marietta Chiropractor Recommends Upper Cervical Chiropractic For Athletes


Athletic injuries require a strong team of healthcare workers around them to keep their athletes injury-free and in optimal shape. Some of these teams consist of: Athletic Trainers, PT’s, and MD’s. Too many times, however, a well-trained Chiropractor is missing from the picture.

One of the demographics I am passionate about is high school sports – especially sports such as football, basketball, baseball, and soccer. All of these sports have a commonality – precision and speed. As an Upper Cervical Chiropractor with a focus in Structural Rehabilitiation, in Marietta, I have come to see that when the upper neck is misaligned, it immediately affects performance in work and play. So the question remains, can athlete perform even better?

Performance problems consist of: mental fog, lack of energy, and concentration problems. I’d like you to try and visualize two ring like structures stacked above each other. Perfectly stacked rings would show no narrowing of the hole in the middle, if you look top-down. Now, if you rotate the top ring left and the bottom ring right – you’ll notice that the hole has become occluded or smaller. The Upper Cervical spine works relatively the same way. The skull has a hole at the base where the brainstem and remaining structures pass energy and fluid flow through. The first bone, Atlas or C1, directly below it, creating a second ring. When the Atlas misaligns due to minor and major trauma/injury/accident, the hole becomes occluded. Shortly after, people begin to experience secondary conditions such as the ones listed above.

In order to excel and achieve optimal performance in sports, my recommendation is to have every athlete get their Upper Cervical spine checked for any misalignment. It may be that there is no misalignment at all as well. However, if there is a misalignment it may be affecting an athlete’s performance due to narrowing of the “hole.”

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Dr. Milan Modi

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