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The difference between our clinic and traditional Chiropractic offices is astounding. Whereas many offices focus on increasing your range of motion and temporary pain-relief, our clinic focuses on corrective long-term relief  that is customized to your neuro-anatomy via advance x-rays. Each person is different and we treat each practice member as such.

Our specialty resides in making sure we resolve your symptoms as best as possible. We absolutely do not practice care that is: repetitive, fast, and not comprehensive. We use an advance instrument-assisted Chiropractic technique, Orthospinology Procedures, that specifically works towards addressing the Primary Condition - an Atlas Subluxation Complex. Once the Atlas Subluxation Complex is stabilized, we then systematically begin to address other areas of the spine.


Consultation and Examination

A focused consultation and examination are pivotal to understanding why you are coming in to see us. The complimentary consultation takes about 20 minutes to complete. Upon coming to an agreement, we will then move forward with an exam and advanced imaging. Exam will include: basic vitals, Orthopedic testing, Neurologic testing, and customized Upper Cervical exam that focuses on structure and function. Usually, a 1-1.5 hour process, we will take note of all information to make a sound plan for you. During this lengthy process, we will perform the highest Standard of Care.

Precision Imaging

Specific x-rays are the core of how we make corrections to the upper neck spine. The upper neck is the closest to the brainstem, where all the information going to our body starts. It only makes sense to start there in regards to your health - even if it is low back pain. The upper neck has a unique configuration that needs to be measured using advanced imaging. From there, we will work our way down the rest of the spine and soft tissue structures. To see is to know, to not see is to guess - and we will never guess with your health.

Specific Corrections and corrective rehabilitation

Using the precise x-rays that we will take of your head and neck, we will then make specific, laser-guided adjustments to the spine. Occasionally, we may use our hands to adjust the spine. We will adjust your back, hips, and any other joints hands on, if necessary. You will also be given a home-care kit. The entire process is corrective, comprehensive, and concise.


Number of visits are subject to each person's test results. We recommend between 5-24 visit treatment plans that are gradually spaced apart over 90-120 days. Natural healing takes time and we encourage you to have patience throughout this process.

Discounts are applied based upon payment plan, however, we encourage you think of this an investment and not an expense/cost.

Insurance Information:

We are not a participating provider with any insurance networks. To accommodate patients, we work with Advance Care Card to offer 0% financing for up to 14 months.


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