People Don’t Buy Your Product, They Buy Your Process


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Transparency in the workplace is one the biggest key features an organization can show. Many times, we’re scared to show what all it’s taking to become a successful business. We’re afraid that this might come off as weakness/vulnerability. Clients who judge you for that are not clients you want.

Some organizations like to only show the finished product, leaving the public clueless of what it took. Similar to how people show their “Facebook lives,” businesses may only be showing the finish product. However, it’s important to know that people don’t always buy your finished product. They are buying what you put into it. They are buying your passion and effort. That, requires transparency.

When the public is aware of who is behind the scenes putting in the work, a level of appreciation, trust, and slack is achieved. Appreciation, in that, you are committed to serving your ideal client. Trust, in that, they know who you are. Slack, in that, in case you couldn’t keep up a promise (I.e. Elon Musk with his larger than life promises), you will be given some room to breathe.

Seth Godin recently mentioned, “No need to make promises you can’t keep, and no need to hide from the promises you’ve made.”

I completely agree with this.

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Dr. Milan Modi

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