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What Is RightEye Functional Vision?

right eye functional vision marietta gaRightEye eye-tracking therapy is a form of Functional Neurology. Whereas many offices use traditionals functional neurology methods, still effective, RightEye makes the process consistent and automated. We are proud to offer a more comprehensive vision exam using advanced, state-of-the-art eye-tracking technology. The RightEye system enables our doctors to pinpoint functional vision and brain health issues, identify the root cause of reading problems, and improve athletic performance. In just 5 minutes, this proven, patented technology measures visual skills in ways that a standard eye exam cannot — enabling us to diagnose and treat underlying vision issues that affect our patients’ quality of life.

Dynamic Vision Testing & EyeQ Trainer

functional-neurology-marietta-gaYour two eyes and brain must all work together to navigate the world. It’s this connection that makes up your dynamic vision. Functional neurology is the process of how your brain adapts and forms new connections. RightEye is a form of Functional Neurology that can help begin to identify certain pattern interrupts.

A standard eye exam at the eye doctor only checks your eyes physical health and ability to focus on stationary objects — it doesn’t measure critical dynamic vision skills such as eye movement and coordination. Signs that you may have a functional neurology problem include:

- Difficulty concentrating

- Rereading or skipping lines of print

- Short attention span

- Poor reading comprehension

- Poor coordination or balance

- Slow completion of work

- Previous brain trauma (concussions, strokes)

- Loss of interest in reading

- Frequent headaches

Our RightEye Dynamic Vision is a 5-minute, non-invasive test performed at our offices that could diagnose a dynamic vision issue and set you on a path to improvement and success.

At-Home Vision Exercises Using The EyeQ Trainer

right eye mariettaIf you’ve been diagnosed with a functional or sports vision issue, our doctors can set you up with at-home exercises you can do online. All you need is a computer and an internet connection. The EyeQ Trainer itself determines which eye exercises you need to restore normal eye tracking. This consist of 3 unique exercises that takes 10 minutes to do, every day for 30 days, at the comfort and safety of your own home!

Based on your RightEye EyeQ test results, we’ll assign a series of exercises you complete at home under our supervision. EyeQ Trainer is a non-invasive, computer-based treatment proven to help improve your functional vision. It rehabilitates all six movement systems of the eye and promotes positive neuroplasticity, the ability of the brain to make important neural connections.

- Key benefits of the solution include:

- Simple, low-intensity exercises

- Done at home, on your own schedule

- Uses your own computer

- Takes just 5 minutes, twice a day

- Trains all 12 eye muscles

- Noticeable improvement, often within a few weeks

The result — improved functional vision and smoother, more accurate eye movements — can lead to better focus and concentration, improved balance and hand-eye coordination, and enhanced performance in everything from reading to driving to sports. EyeQ Trainer is personalized to your specific needs, so that we can focus on those areas that affect you most.


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