Sports Chiropractor In Marietta East Cobb GA

sports chiropractic in marietta east cobb

Sports Chiropractic In Marietta East Cobb GA

Did you know Dr. Milan Modi also provides advanced Sports Chiropractic care? Sports Chiropractic care has become widely popular amongst many national sports teams. On top of having Physical Therapists, Athletic Trainers, etc, many teams worldwide are beginning to realize the benefits of having a highly-trained Chiropractor focusing on Sports Care for their athletes.

We have recently partnered with Crunch Fitness to provide on-site care at their fitness facility to assist their members!

Increasing Your Performance Using Sports Chiropractic

Traditional Chiropractors work with mobilizing certain parts of the spine, increasing your range of motion, and having the patient temporarily feel better. However, while these adjustments or manipulations temporarily feel good and provide some benefit, it is often noted the patient has to be on a high volume (visit) plan that could last for a very long time. This can become financially and time-sensitive hard. At our office, we focus on getting you well, correcting what is incorrect, and then making sure you stay in alignment by offering Protection Care.

Performance increases when the body has optimal nerve and blood flow supplying all of the muscles and organs. We often times notice a decrease in performance, balance, and/or strength when there is an Upper Cervical misalignment (subluxation) present. Correcting this problem requires specific x-rays that pertain to Upper Cervical Specialists. Once the Upper Cervical spine has been corrected, our sports patients often notice: increase in balance and coordination, increase in strength and power, and a better sense of well-being/recovery.

sports chiropractic in marietta east cobb

How We Optimize Your Performance

Our method behind Sports Chiropractic care is advanced, specific, and gentle. More force behind an adjustment is not necessary. We optimize and enhance your athleticism by first, analyzing your Upper Cervical spine since it is the most neurologically-dense area. There are hundreds of receptors in the upper neck that is constantly giving your brain and body feedback about joint position and balance. If there is a misalignment, your perception of balance, coordination, power/strength may be compromised. Second, we establish a normalcy by using specific traction and specific exercises to restore the spine's integrity.

Using these advanced principles, we are able to help many young and older, as well as, professional athletes. Read our reviews on Google.

How East Cobb Upper Cervical Spine Clinics Helps?

Our goal at East Cobb Upper Cervical Spine Clinics is to specifically align your head and neck spine and monitor its holding position over the prescribed time frame. When the head and neck are aligned, the nervous system is communicating with the body effectively and optimally. A close second goal is to be on the look out for any non-structural issues. At this time, we may work with our Preferred Partners to help you heal. As an Upper Cervical & Full Spine Chiropractic office, we have seen a head and neck misalignments being a huge reason for having a variety of breathing issues.

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