The Need For A Sports Chiropractor

sports chiropractor

Sports Chiropractor

In today’s blog post, we will be going over why every team needs a Sports Chiropractor. Additionally, we will be covering some amazing news that has to do with Crunch Fitness – a dynamic gym that offers single and group training (small classes) to fit your health and wellness needs. For now, let’s jump into what makes a – Sports Chiropractor.

If you’ve been following our posts and updates for some time now, you’ll know that there are many different techniques and specialities within Chiropractic. To reiterate, our office uses specific Upper Cervical methods to address many simple and complex health issues. Once we correct the upper neck subluxation/misalignment, we systematically move on and focus towards specific rehabilitation. This involves custom exercises, nutrition support, and home-care to ensure your success. However, what maketh a, Sports Chiropractor?

When you dive into Sports Chiropractic, you begin to incorporate soft-tissue modalities and therapies to improve or optimize athletic performance. However, don’t be mistaken. This doesn’t apply for only athletes. Every day people or weekend warriors can benefit drastically from Sports Chiropractic care.

Many Chiropractors will use therapies such as: Graston Technique or Instrument-Assisted Soft Tissue Management (IASTM), otherwise known as “muscle scraping,” wet/dry cupping, red light therapy, variations of stretch techniques, acupuncture, dry needling, movement based therapy, and possibly even corrective exercises. While this seems like a lot and can be mildly overwhelming, a Sports Chiropractor does not need to incorporate all of these therapies to get excellent results. To some, this may seem like a Physical Therapy approach to care and it very well may be. However, it’s important to mention – Sports Chiropractors adjust the spine, not manipulate it. Additionally, referral letters are most likely never needed to see a Sports Chiropractor. Remember, it’s your Sports Chiropractor that makes the difference in your performance!

In other news, our office has recently teamed up with Crunch Fitness. As we mentioned earlier, Crunch Fitness is a medium-large size fitness facility that offers single and group fitness needs. There are machines and free weights for your solo workouts, as well as, classes to help guide you closer to your goals. May we add, they are energetic and fun! Plus, you will meet lots of friendly faces.

Our collaboration consists of providing Sports Chiropractic care at their facility once per week for their members and others if interested. The care that will be provided there will not consist of Upper Cervical specific because of its complexity. However, patients or members are always welcome to show their interest in Upper Cervical care if they would like. The Sports Chiropractic care we plan to deliver will consist of: hands-on or instrument adjusting, stretching, and/or IASTM (see above for definition). We couldn’t be more excited to begin this partnership as it will benefit many members in the community.

Thank you for joining us this time in our blog and we look forward to meeting you in another post soon!

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