The Power Of We


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The world is changing – and possibly for the better. The worldview we knew for the past decade and longer will barely be relevant. In the post-Coronavirus era, small businesses, ultimately the backbone to America, will unite even more powerfully and change their script to survive.

What “script” you ask?

I like to call it, “the power of we.” Small and big businesses will focus on 3 primary strategies: practical empathysafety, and trust. While some businesses of the “past” have already been using these strategies, genuinely, they already have the advantage right now. They have been waving the leadership flag from the beginning. The ones who will need to change their script will be the ones who either make or break it.

Personally, I choose to look forward during these tough times. As a new, small business owner and recent Doctor of Chiropractic, the weight of financial debt and opening a business is crushing. But, you need to ask yourself – do you have another option? An entrepreneur will never be an employee and if they do, only for a short time under desperate needs. It is not in the entrepreneur’s blood to be an employee. They are creators. Imaginative and free-spirited.

Choosing to be optimistic is the only option during these times.

The question is – will you?

Dr. Modi

Dr. Milan Modi

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