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Dealing With Vertigo/Dizziness

It is estimated that 90 million Americans see a healthcare provider because of dizziness, vertigo, and/or balance problems in general. About 20% of Americans between the ages of 65 and 75 currently have a balance issue. This number is slowly increasing as people get older. It is important to be in touch with a doctor about dizziness and make sure they are well-informed.

Quick Facts:

  • Falls due to dizziness are the leading cause of death for 65+ years of age
  • Balance issues are the #1 health complaint in patients 70+ years of age
  • The annual direct and indirect costs of dizziness-related falls are approximately $54.9    billion
  • Vertigo can be caused by peripheral and central vestibular deficits
  • Children may be affected by dizziness and/or vertigo
  • Mild to severe head trauma or mTBI is increasing every year

How Is Dizziness or Vertigo Diagnosed

Your primary care physician or neurologist may officially diagnose with a dizziness disorder or even vertigo after conducting specific tests. From there, they may prescribe you medication to manage it. Often times, medication may provide some relief. However, this may only be masking the main issue. Make sure to schedule periodic appointments with your primary care provider.


What To Do About Vertigo/Dizziness

Besides conventional medicine and physical therapy, Upper Cervical Chiropractic care may be a viable option. It is has proven via research that over time, symptoms improve. In some cases, patients have completely recovered. Specific chiropractic care is crucially important because of how sensitive the issue is. A common primary condition behind dizziness and/or vertigo is Atlas Displacement Complex (ADC). ADC is a primary condition that occurs when the head and neck region has been disrupted by micro or macro trauma. Traumas can include: mild to moderate bump to the head, vehicle collision, falls, sleeping stomach side down with the head to one side, birth complications such as c-section, and more. At our office, we utilize the best methods to gently and specifically re-align the Atlas bone with the head above and lower neck below, so that the brain and body can communicate effectively and stress-free.

How East Cobb Upper Cervical Spine Clinics Helps?

Our goal at East Cobb Upper Cervical Spine Clinics is to specifically align your Atlas and monitor its holding position over the prescribed time frame. A close second goal is to be on the look out for any non-structural issues. At this time, we may work with our Preferred Partners to help you. As an Upper Cervical Chiropractic office, we have seen an Atlas misalignment being a huge reason for having dizziness.

If you’re a person who is frequently bothered by dizziness, you should contact your Upper Cervical Chiropractor at East Cobb Upper Cervical Spine Clinics. We are a dizziness chiropractor in Marietta who understands how dizziness can be. We do our very best to help resolve your dizziness issues. Contact us for a free consultation today, and take the first step toward the potential of becoming free of dizziness.


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