What is Health (Part 1)?


What is Health?

According to Marietta Chiropractor, health means well-being – both physically and mentally. We stand for living healthy as a precautionary measure instead of going to the doctor later because of avoidable diseases. Many civilization diseases such as cardiovascular diseases and diabetes can be traced back to our modern lifestyle. In other words: we brought this on ourselves! But technology and progress don’t make it easy for us either: there are delivery services, elevators, escalators. But there are no shortcuts to a healthy life. That means we have to take detours. To intentionally put up with the effort when we cook for ourselves, shop on foot, ride our bikes in all weathers and force ourselves to read and relax despite the stress. A strong immune system allows me to master everything. And it is strong through healthy eating and healthy thoughts. In my opinion and experience, medicine is found in natural, unprocessed food! I am a healthy person thanks to my diet, a lot of exercise and positive thoughts.

Influence of Exercise and Nutrition on Our Health

In addition to sunlight and a balanced mental state, physical activity and nutrition have the greatest influence on our well-being and thus also on our health. In recent years, however, strong negative developments have been observed, especially in the areas of exercise and nutrition. Numerous diseases in today’s industrialized nations are promoted by increasing lack of exercise. In this context, one speaks of so-called hypokinetosis (diseases due to lack of exercise), such as cardiovascular diseases, inefficiency in breathing and metabolism, high blood pressure, diabetes mellitus II, back pain, disorders of the immune system and much more. The effects of physical inactivity on children and young people are particularly serious. Exercise and sport are essential for healthy physical, mental and intellectual development.

The Great Importance of Movement

In recent decades, scientific research results have equally demonstrated the immensely high importance of regular exercise in the prevention of illnesses and in therapy/rehabilitation in the event of illness. For example, you can see considerable effects after a relatively short time through regular endurance training. Positive physical and psychological adaptation processes take place in the following areas, among others:

  • Autonomic nervous system (sleep-wake cycle, bowel movements, sweating, etc.)
  • Heart and circulatory function
  • Metabolic processes
  • Improvement of the immune system
  • Mental changes in terms of performance and mood improvement
  • Increase in stress tolerance

The situation is similar when it comes to nutrition. Here, too, the effects of the negative changes in eating habits (fast food, frozen food, lack of time, excess calories) can be clearly felt in society. Overweight, obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure, and psychosocial disadvantages are just some of the serious consequences of malnutrition. A healthy diet can effectively improve one’s own health and individual well-being and prevent a large number of diseases. There is a lot of truth in the well-known saying “You are what you eat”. We have therefore provided some helpful tips on the subject of nutrition for you.

What is a healthy building for us and what is a healthy building for us?

Positive Health Positive health is represented in a human web consisting of 7 pillars: bodily functions, mental well-being, purpose, quality of life, participation and daily functioning. You can enter a personal score for each of the 7 columns, our scientifically proven model makes it very clear that health not only has a physical aspect (body functions), but also mental aspects such as participation and meaning. In addition, the human web shows that your health experience is very subjective and personal. You assess your own sense of health based on all factors.

Positive Health as a Starting Point for Healthy Buildings

Within the Building Network we work on the realization of healthy buildings the focus has been on the impact of objectively measurable factors in a building (light, air, temperature, noise) on the perception of health. But I wonder how we can include all the pillars of positive health when looking at healthy buildings, some personal reflections on buildings that I believe contribute to my positive health.

What are important aspects of building design that improve my positive health?

  • Bodily Functions The factors that affect my bodily functions (light, air, temperature, sound, plants…) are important to feel healthy. The fresh air supply helps me, for example, to concentrate well. Air quality is very important to most people. For this reason, a lot of research is being done on the subject of ventilation. Among other things, the research area of natural intelligence is examined, in which the wisdom of nature is used to make designs more intelligent. A blog about it will follow later.
  • Participation Another important part of my positive health is participation. That’s why meeting the other person in a building is also an important factor for me. Fortunately, more and more attention is paid to this in the design process, with different spaces for different needs: to be able to work together (meeting room), to exchange ideas (a cozy coffee corner) or to be able to isolate yourself for a while (a quiet room).
  • Healthy Nutrition: In recipes for a healthy, natural and also vegan diet. Implement the nutrition tips and you will automatically be more awake, motivated and successful. A healthy diet is the basis for a natural, healthy life. For example, in the blog you will learn how to make your own macadamia milk.
  • Body & Mind: I have always been fit, but admittedly I never thought about a healthy mind until recently. Today I know how important a healthy and clear head is for a healthy life. In this blog I will give you both fitness and relaxation tricks so that you can bring your body and your mind to peak performance in stressful situations. For example, you will learn in the blog why you should take a cold shower every day.

The Reason Why Natural Health is So Important

  • It will takes you by the hand to live a healthier life.
  • It will makes you more alert and attentive.
  • It will helps you never feel listless again.
  • It will always motivates and gives you power.
  • It will makes you more self-confident and successful.
  • It will guides you to eat healthily every day.
  • It will points out health tips that you didn’t have on your radar.
  • It will makes you more resistant to stress and helps you to make decisions.
  • It will let you live the natural life you deserve

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