Why We Are All Imposters


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Imposter Syndrome (IS) – it affects us all. As we grow into our professional shoes, we often times come across feelings of doubt. Am I even the expert I say I am? Do I really know what I am talking about? What if they call me out? These questions linger in our minds, at the subconscious level, for quite some time. It becomes unhealthy only until we address it.

IS creates self-doubt, insecurity, and fear. The truth is, though, we are all imposters. Most professionals have gone through multiple levels of education, earning degrees and/or certificates. However, these are mere pieces of paper that reflect how you got from point A to point B. Maybe, it was by your hard, unrelenting work ethic or maybe you just got lucky. Regardless, what can you do to overcome Imposter Syndrome?

The first step is to acknowledge your feelings of self-doubt, insecurity, and fear. Reflecting back on your degrees and certificates to build up self-esteem, in my opinion, will not do any good as they are superficial. The hard work you put in was not to earn a piece of paper. It was to give back, to help society. The second step is to understand that, yes, you, the one reading this post, are contributing. If it was not for you, then who would it be? You are the doctor. You are the engineer. You are the plumber or electrician.

The truth is, we will never not be imposters. We are in a continuous cycle of learning and living – and yes, we may be wrong.

Dr. Modi

Dr. Milan Modi

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